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“After suffering great tragedy, with her life transformed in ways she never anticipated, Diane Calderon shares how she moved from the depths of grief to a path of hope, meaning, and fulfillment. Diane’s story is deeply touching and inspirational.”

~ Mark Ireland,

Co-founder of Helping Parents Heal and Author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go and The Persistence of the Soul

“It brought me great joy to read Diane Calderon’s Book, “Living & Loving Life, All Day Every Day”. 

It is a story of transformation from pain to purpose and it offers great hope to anyone dealing with grief. Diane gives an honest description of the early days of grief and lets the reader join her as she transforms and witnesses the magic that can happen when our loved ones in spirit let us know that they are always with us.

I met Diane through Helping Parents Heal. I enjoyed learning about Matthew and loved how we had a similar connection with our children in spirit through rainbows. Diane is a beacon of light for those navigating their way out of the darkness. This book will be a welcome addition to anyone’s library.”

~ Irene Vouvalides,

VP Helping Parents Heal, Chapter Leader – HPH Bluffton/Hilton Head, and Carly’s Mom

“If you love hope-filled stories that show death is not the end, you’ve found a great one here. Diane Calderon serves as a shining example of resilience as she shares her painful yet wonder-filled journey. Laced with examples of irrefutable signs from across the veil and a lesson in forgiveness that will fill your heart to overflowing, this gem of a book will inspire you to live up to its title.” 

~ Suzanne Giesemann,

author of Messages of Hope and Still Right Here

“When Diane Calderon’s only child, Matthew, was killed in a tragic accident while crossing the street with his dog, she could have been excused for giving up on life. Instead, her new book ‘Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day is a roadmap to a step-by-step journey from inconsolable grief to connection with Matthew, connection with a wonderfully supportive community, and a new sense of purpose being of service to others. This is a positive and uplifting book, full of wonderful evidence of survival, reassurance that our loved ones in spirit are living happy purposeful lives, and want to connect with and support us to live our best lives until the time comes for our great reunion.”

~ Wendy and Victor Zammit,

Authors of the Friday Afterlife Report

“As Diane Calderon states in her magical new work, 'Living and Loving Life, All Day, Every Day: A Mother's Story of Loss, Love and Connecting with the Afterlife,' sometimes miracles happen when you least expect them. 

After Diane's only son Matthew passes in a tragic and unexpected car accident, he immediately shows his mom that he is still right here through a dazzling display of light and energy. This remarkable event occurs the night of Matt's passing, hours before a police detective has even contacted Diane. Thus begins a new relationship that Diane builds with her son in spirit, as Matt continues to send evidence of his existence through clear signs and synchronicities.  

Diane's spiritual connection with Matt and the support of her growing Afterlife community give Diane the strength and courage to move forward and ultimately heal.  

I highly recommend this uplifting book to any parents who have experienced the passing of a child. Our kids in spirit are not gone. They walk beside us, leading us toward healing, and they are our biggest cheerleaders. Thank you, Diane and Matthew, for writing this beautiful work that proves that love lives forever.” 

~ Elizabeth Boisson,

President & Co-Founder, Helping Parents Heal

“Diane’s story is a must-read. It is heartwarming, enlightening, and filled with hope and healing. Tragedy was the gateway to evidential signs that her son was with her from the moment he passed. This was an undeniable and life-changing awakening that helped her through her grief and transformed her entire life. Diane's book is a gift, as it shows us how signs are communications and blessings from our departed loved ones. They appear when we least expect them and touch our hearts and souls with overwhelming unconditional love. A beautiful reminder that love never dies."

~ Debra Martin,

World Renowned Healer, Windbridge Certified Research Medium,

“This is a remarkable account of one mother’s search for meaning after the tragic loss of her son Matthew, while her husband slips further into dementia. You cannot help but be profoundly touched as Diane shares her personal exploration into the signs and messages Matthew sends and her extensive explorations into spirit communication and the afterlife—uncovering a bond between life, death and eternal love.”

~ Karen A. Dahlman,

MA, professional counselor, spirit communicator and author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

“In this beautiful unfolding story of love and life after death, Matthew delivers a message of healing for his mom and all moms who have lost a child. The power of these words touched me during a most vulnerable time, nine months after losing my son. Thank you Matthew, thank you Diane.” 

~ Laura Fields,

Retired Educator and Brain Integration Therapist

“Diane Calderon's beautiful memoir, "Living and Loving Life - All Day Every Day," is the perfect read for anyone who has ever loved. From her honest accounting of her days caring for her ill husband, through the sudden and tragic loss of her son, her words take us along her journey to enlightenment. This book is the story of how love can lead us all through the darkest night.”

~ Lisa Wilcoxson,

The Phoenix Medium

"Diane Calderon endured multiple challenges and the pain that accompanies those.  But she reached down more deeply within and found ways to remember the big picture of life, receive signs from 'departed' loved ones, find meaning, and help others.  That's an evolved and soulful way to transmute suffering into loving service.  The benefits of doing this are many and include a deeper joy, peace, and sense of purpose than many can imagine.  I hope you thoroughly digest this book, share it with others, and practice Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day."  

~ Mark Pitstick MA,


“Diane Calderon has generously turned her personal tragedies into powerful insights from which we can all learn. I urge you to read this book with the expectation that it can help you understand how it’s possible to transform tragedy into spiritual growth. I also respect Diane so much for embracing her son Matthew’s advice, “Live and love life all day, every day.
Her story has left me teary-eyed and profoundly moved. I pray that each of us has our own bluebirds come to visit us when we need them most. Of course, IMMEDIATELY after I wrote this, a Blue Jay appeared twice in front of me in my driveway. I seldom see them, so maybe it was a gift from Matthew.”

~ Mark Christopher Nelson,

The Positively Psychic Medium

“This book is real and raw, but uplifting and lighthearted as well. This will be helpful for anyone who needs a pick- me-up. It’s about Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day, just like Matthew did!! I look forward to reading your second book Diane!!”

~ Laurie Savoie,

Author of The Ripple Effect Invisible Impact of Suicide

“Calderon's beautifully written and very personal story of the tragic and painful loss of her only son is emotional, inspirational, and comforting. Her story validates that we are always connected to our loved ones who have passed on to the Other Side . The spiritual bond of love is eternal.”

~ Dolores Salazar Cruz,

Affiliate Leader of HPH, Author of Look Around: A Mother’s Journey from Grief and Despair to Healing and Hope

“A very compelling account of life, love, loss and renewal, propelling the author into the realization of the greater reality we all share. Diane has a heart as big as the sky!  Wishing all their own versions of bluebirds and rainbows.”

~ Gary Langley,

Afterlife Book Club

“Diane Calderon’s book, Living & Loving Life All Day Every Day: A Mother’s Story of Loss, Love and Connecting with the Afterlife, is engaging and full of reassurance for anyone who has experienced the death of someone dear to them or wonders what happens after the body dies. It describes her journey living with a husband, Sal, who suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, through the death of her son, to her realization we live on after the body dies. At each stage, she takes the reader into vividly experiencing what she lived through, engaging the reader in the realities of events, ending with the uplifting experience of having her life filled with evidence we live on after the body dies.

Diane describes in detail what it is like living with her husband, Sal, who had Lewy Body Dementia. She writes, “All in all, Lewy Body Dementia had a way of popping up unexpectedly; in truth, at times it was accompanied by some very bizarre side effects: One never knew what was going to happen and why. I felt like Sal was on a roller coaster. Sometimes he was fine, and then he would dip down into some horrible place where he was lost, confused, and scared.”

Diane affectionately describes her life with her son, Matthew, a name she chose because it means “God’s gift.” Matthew had a passion for building and built two homes with the support of Diane and Sal. Diane saw her endeavors with her son as high points in her life: “A brighter future, in at least this area of my life, was possible! For both of us!,” 

That all changed when Diane received the terrible news that Matthew had been killed in a car accident. As she described it, “My world fell apart. The weight of the mountain of hope for my son came crashing down, burying me in its wake. There I was, deep in the middle of a mess, full-time caregiver to a man who was slipping away every day, bit by bit. Here, living in our home that Sal, Matthew, and I had built from the ground up.”

In the midst of her grief, marvelous things began happening that would change her understanding of life and give her the assurance Matthew is still alive. She saw a “tiny universe of sparkling lights” when she asked Matthew for a sign he was alive. That experience was followed by many others. She had a reading from a medium in which her deceased mother brought Matthew through. He described his passing and a remarkable fact: “He let her know that he had sent me lights when he died, a sign that he was OK.”

Bluebirds and rainbows appeared associated with Matthew, often accompanied by Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Ceiling fans came on and lights flickered by themselves when his name was mentioned.

After all these remarkable experiences, she wrote, “I know he is well. After all, he keeps sending me signs from his life on the other side, reminding me that he is always here, and sometimes, when I sit in silence, I can feel him near me, his essence infuses my soul, and I hear him, laughing once again. I have a purpose, a love for the future.”
I recommend you read Diane’s book if your loved one has transitioned or if you need further proof of the reality of life after death. You will be uplifted.”

~ R. Craig Hogan,

PhD, Seek Reality Online, President of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc.

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