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Join me on a journey from my son Matthew’s tragic death to know Love Lives Forever.

This is my story, a journey through loss, grief, and love. In the midst of caring for my husband as he slid into the depths of dementia, my son Matthew died in a tragic accident. Matthew’s passing led to a remarkable series of signs and communications from the afterlife, all proving that life never ends. Matthew’s loving connection helped me through grief, the struggles with caregiving, and the challenges of starting over after losing my two closest family members.   From clusters of tiny lights dancing in front of my face, sparkling in a display of rainbow colors, hours before I was told of Matthew’s death, to my son, sending me on a quest to learn about the afterlife, discover the remarkable abilities of spirit communications, and learn how to connect others with their loved ones, a journey that ultimately led to an opportunity to work for and with several incredible evidential mediums. My son gave me the hope that keeps me moving forward today, knowing love lives forever. I know because Matthew told me so.

“In this beautiful unfolding story of love and life after death, Matthew delivers a message of healing for his mom and all moms who have lost a child. The power of these words touched me during a most vulnerable time, nine months after losing my son. Thank you Matthew, thank you Diane.” 

Laura Fields

Retired Educator and Brain Integration Therapist

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A second book is on the horizon -

Finding the Medium Within
Diane will share how she stumbled into becoming a medium, with true stories of spirit communications and connections.  Stay tuned for its grand arrival!

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