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Diane Calderon


Living & Loving Life All Day Every Day:

A Mother’s Story of Loss, Love & Connecting With the Afterlife


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Spiritual and intuitive advisor, author, Reiki Master and certified  Evidential Medium.


Diane's New Book


Living & Loving Life All Day Every Day: A Mother’s Story of Loss, Love And Connecting With the Afterlife

Join me on a journey from my son Matthew’s tragic death
to know Love Lives Forever.


Susanne J Wilson, The Carefree Medium

(Book Forward)

When Diane Calderon’s only child, Matthew, was killed in a tragic accident while crossing the street with his dog, she could have been excused for giving up on life. Instead, her new book "Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day" is a road map to a step-by-step journey from inconsolable grief to connection with Matthew, connection with a wonderfully supportive community, and a new sense of purpose being of service to others.

Mark Ireland

“After suffering great tragedy, with her life transformed in ways she never anticipated, Diane Calderon shares how she moved from the depths of grief to a path of hope, meaning, and fulfillment....

 Suzanne Giesemann

“If you love hope-filled stories that show death is not the end, you’ve found a great one here. Diane Calderon serves as a shining example of resilience as she shares her painful yet wonder-filled journey...

Elizabeth Boisson

I highly recommend this uplifting book to any parents who have experienced the passing of a child. Our kids in spirit are not gone. They walk beside us, leading us toward healing, and they are our biggest cheerleaders...

Irene Vouvalides

“It brought me great joy to read Diane Calderon’s Book, “Living & Loving Life, All Day Every Day”. This book will be a welcome addition to anyone’s library.”...

Wendy and Victor Zammit

This is a positive and uplifting book, full of wonderful evidence of survival, reassurance that our loved ones in spirit are living happy purposeful lives, and...

Laura Fields

“In this beautiful unfolding story of love and life after death, Matthew delivers a message of healing for his mom and all moms who have lost a child."...

Laurie Savoie

“This book is real and raw, but uplifting and lighthearted as well. This will be helpful for anyone who needs a pick- me-up. It’s about Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day, just like Matthew did!!"

Lisa Wilcoxson

This book is the story of how love can lead us all through the darkest night.”

Dolores Salazar Cruz

“Calderon's beautifully written and very personal story of the tragic and painful loss of her only son is emotional, inspirational, and comforting."...

Gary Langley

“A very compelling account of life, love, loss and renewal, propelling the author into the realization of the greater reality we all share.

Debra Martin

“Diane’s story is a must-read. It is heartwarming, enlightening, and filled with hope and healing. Tragedy was the gateway to evidential signs that her son was with her from the moment he passed.

Mark Pitstick

 I hope you thoroughly digest this book, share it with others, and practice Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day." ...

R. Craig Hogan

"I recommend you read Diane’s book if your loved one has transitioned or if you need further proof of the reality of life after death. You will be uplifted.”...

Karen A. Dahlman

“This is a remarkable account of one mother’s search for meaning after the tragic loss of her son Matthew...

Mark Christopher Nelson

“Diane Calderon has generously turned her personal tragedies into powerful insights from which we can all learn. I urge you to read this book with...

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