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Diane Calderon has engaged in several interviews to promote her book - Living & Loving Life All Day Every Day.

Here is a short selection of the most recent presentations.

Messages of Hope Podcast with Suzanne Giesemann. Spiritual Teacher and Medium

Diane was interviewed by Suzanne Giesemann on the Messages Of Hope podcast.


The video replay is available on Suzanne's YouTube channel - 

Signs from the Spirit World: How Diane Calderon Found Hope After Tragedy - YouTube

Audio replay can be heard here:  Messages of Hope - Mind Body  podcast

Carefree & Conscious with Susanne J Wilson, the Carefree Medium/Intuition Educator

Susanne J Wilson, Carefree Medium & Intution Educator, interviewed Diane for a Carefree & Conscious presentation - Signs from Spirit Forever Changed My Life.

This interview is available on Susanne's YouTube channel:  Susanne Wilson Carefree Medium /Intuition Educator - YouTube

Or click here for a direct link to watch:  Signs from Spirit Forever Changed My Life: Carefree & Conscious #14 - YouTube

Afterlife Research & Education Institute - Global Gathering 

The Afterlife Research & Educational Institute welcomed Diane and Joseph M. Higgins, Medium and Teacher, to their online Global Gathering, hosted by Wendy Zammit and Karen Jarvie.  In this discussion Diane presented a summary of her book, Living & Loving Life All Day Every Day.  She and Joseph then describeb some of the interesting signs Matthew continues to provide from the other side of the veil.


This interview is in two parts:

 Signs From Spirit PART 1 Diane Calderon and Joseph M. Higgins. See PART 2 for continued discussion. - YouTube

Signs From Spirit - PART 2 led by Diane Calderon and Joseph M. Higgins - Part 2 of presentation. - YouTube

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