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About Diane

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Meet Diane Calderon

Diane Calderon is a spiritual and intuitive advisor, author, Reiki Master and is certified as an Evidential Medium. She is currently working as the Client Services Manager for Susanne Wilson the Carefree Medium.

Diane is the author of Living and Loving Life All Day Every Day - A Mother’s Story of Loss, Love and Connecting with the Afterlife. She has also published in Psychic News Magazine and is one of the featured presenters in the Amazon Prime documentary Life to Afterlife: I want to talk to the Dead.

For most of her life Diane was dedicated to caring for her family, pursuing academics and a master’s degree in Sociology, and working in various areas of governmental service from Community Organizer, Research Statistician, to Deputy Director of the Governor’s Office of Affirmative Action in Arizona.

After retirement, Diane soon found herself engaged in caregiving for her husband, Sal. He was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, a difficult and slowly debilitating condition which required full time care. In the middle of his decline another tragedy struck. Her son Matthew was killed in a hit and run accident.

Matthew had been her main supporter during the challenges of caring for Sal, and his death was devastating. Witnessing the slow demise of her husband, hit by the sudden passing of her only child, Diane melted into a puddle of grief.

Incredibly, Matthew was able to connect with his mom immediately upon passing, in a most unusual way. It took a day of grieving before Diane realized the miracle that Matthew had provided. Understanding that Matthew was still alive, in a different place, yet close enough to send proof through signs and messages, she was able to pull together and move through the next few days. With more signs, more messages over time, Diane was able to make it through the death of Sal and into a new life.

Matthew’s continued presence and encouragement sent Diane on a quest to learn about the afterlife, discover the remarkable abilities of spirit communications, learn how to connect with others in spirit, and pursue numerous opportunities to work for and with incredible evidential mediums.

Her story about Matthew and his communications and encouragement from the afterlife are hopeful, helpful, and healing for anyone who has experienced the passing of someone they love. Her story is evidence that love lives forever.

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